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9 Passenger Vehicles For Rent Video Why You Should Consider Buying Insurance On 9 Passenger Vehicles For Rent 9 passenger vehicles for rent re...

9 Passenger Vehicles For Rent Video

Why You Should Consider Buying Insurance On 9 Passenger Vehicles For Rent

9 passenger vehicles for rent require driving skills that are not a part of everyday driving. This increases risk to yourself, your passengers and drivers with whom you share to road. Besides driving more defensively and attentively than you otherwise would to compensate for this increased risk, you might want to consider purchasing the insurance that you normally leave out of rental contracts.

Rental Insurance Information

Car rental companies often tack on optional insurance options to car rental contracts to raise their profit margins. While this insurance can be beneficial in certain situations, it often simply duplicates the coverage drivers already are insured by, thereby costing the customer more than he or she needs to pay to be protected from accidents and other road related maladies. Normally there are four insurance types car rental agencies offer customers. These are:

* Personal accident insurance
* A collision damage waiver
* Personal property coverage
* Supplemental liability protection

Buying these additional protections often costs upwards of $30 per day, however in the majority of cases, a car rental customer’s car, health, home or personal accident insurance provides the same coverage. The only real advantage to buying a car rental company’s insurance in these cases is that having an accident defaults to the rental company’s insurance, which means your rates will not go up.

9 Passenger Vehicles For Rent

Insuring 9 Passenger Vehicles for Rent

If you think purchasing car rental company insurance is not worth the money, you should re-evaluate before renting one of the available 9 passenger vehicles. Insurance coverage for cars and 9 passenger vehicles differs markedly from traditional car insurance, which means that your car, home, health or personal accident insurance probably does not cover accidents in which you are driving such a vehicle. For this reason, insuring 9 passenger vehicles for rent through your car rental agency is probably a good idea.

Still, one might think the risk of getting in an accident driving a 9 passenger vehicle is low enough to justify not buying additional insurance. It is important to remember, however, that unless you own a high capacity vehicle or drive one in your line of work, you are probably less experienced driving 9 passenger vans than a tradition 5 passenger car, truck or sports utility vehicle. They are simply a lot larger. This not only decreases visibility, it also makes high capacity vehicles not conform to the depth perception you are used to in traditional cars. Moreover, the turning radius is worse, which makes maneuverability more difficult.

All of this combined means that most people are not as equipped to drive 9 passenger vehicles for rent as they think they are. Moreover, even people who have experience with these vehicles cannot predict the unpredictable. In other words, accidents happen, even to the best of drivers.

Image Source 9 Passenger Vehicle By mark.mitchell.brown (Flickr) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (www.creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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