7 Passenger Vans

Manufacturers Designed Sportier 7 Passenger Vans

With so many different types of vehicles being manufactured today, every consumer has the ability to get the features they want in an automobile at a price they can afford.

A few years ago, it was difficult to find 7 passenger vans, but today, they are almost the industry standard. Nearly every auto manufacturer makes one and they are among the safest vehicles on the road.

Options Abound in 7 Passenger Vans

7 Passenger Vans - Honda Odyssey

The Honda van is called the Odyssey and it is consistently one of the top selling mini vans. With room for seven passengers, it also has plenty of room for cargo and offers a sporty exterior. Front, side and curtain air bags are standard on this van and it also comes with anti-lock brakes, a vehicle stabilization system and traction control. Optional features of these 7 passenger vans include a navigation system, entertainment system, and rear-view camera.

7 Passenger Vans - Chrysler Town & Country

The Chrysler van that offers seating for seven is called the Town and Country. It retails for around $30,000 and averages 21 miles per gallon in gas mileage. One of the most attractive features in this vehicle is the ability to fold the second and third row of seats easily and quickly into the floor. Aiming to please families, the seats are made to repel all but the toughest stains. Optional features include a navigation system, remote starter, satellite radio system and automatic sliding side doors.

7 Passenger Vans - Dodge Grand Caravan

Another choice for a seven passenger van is the Dodge Grand Caravan. The newly redesigned body is much sportier than it used to be, making the van appear almost as a cross between a sport utility vehicle and a mini van. The automatic transmission offers drivers a button they can press to change the timing of the vehicle and reduce its fuel usage. The vehicle averages about 21 miles per gallon of gas and retails for between $25,000 and $37,000 depending on the features chosen.

7 Passenger Vans - Toyota Sienna

In the minivan category Toyota offers the Sienna, which has undergone a toughening up of the body to make it more stylish. The van price range starts at $25,000 and gas mileage is stated as 19 miles per gallon in the city and 24 mpg on the highway. Sliding side doors are standard on all models.

7 Passenger Vans Come in Hybrid Models

Right now, even though consumers have been asking for a hybrid minivan, manufacturers are offering just two choices. They are the Toyota Highlander and the E85 Dodge Caravan. Both of these are 7 passenger vehicles.

7 Passenger Vans - Toyota Highlander

Althouth not exactly a minivan, the Highlander, when purchased as a hybrid, offers as gas/electric engine and 231 horsepower. It offers the choice of full electric mode, an economy setting that saves gas by limiting the engine’s throttle, and gasoline. These options combine to provide 28 mpg in either city or highway driving.

The E85 Dodge Caravan runs on ethanol. It offers 11 miles per gallon in the city and 16 on the highway. The base price starts at $22,500 and this van offers two-wheel drive and an automatic transmission.

When considering the purchase a 7 person van, you might want to consider a used van instead of a new one. Often, families upgrade their 7 passenger vans or use them for a few years and then no longer need them. This can provide an opportunity for another family to purchase the van while it still has many years to travel.

7 Passenger Vans – Honda Odyssey Review Video

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